# Welcome to My Mind… Greetings, My name is Kwenela and just as the name of these notes are called, welcome to my thoughts and memoirs. If you want to jump straight into my thoughts let me hand you a compass so you don’t get lost —> [[🧭 Compass Rose]]. If you would like to learn more about why I have done this continue reading on. ## Why I publish these mini-essays One of the main reasons why I am finally publishing these mini-essays and notes is because I am realizing that just because something is not finished does not mean that it does not provide someone value. I am someone that God is working on that is a recovering perfectionist and because of this I would not publish something if it was not completed or finished to my expertise or liking which would lead to me not publishing a lot of what I write since I write a lot, but I can't edit as fast as I write and ideas onto my digital notebook. So far as memoirs are just what that I'm allowing you to enter a good chunk of my mind and thoughts some of which are complete and some of which are not complete I will expand upon it a little bit more, but I have decided that I can do that while working on them in public. I have way too many, and when I say many, I’m talking about thousands, of things that I want to publish, and trying to publish my essays on top of my video, essays and shorts, videos and response content is overwhelming if I don’t have a system of at least pushing out everything that is coming in. So that’s what this is. You may come across things that I have already published on my main ministry blogs, and that is mainly because most of the content on my blogs comes out of me, writing my mini-essays and just my studies that happen with this vault of notes so you don’t have to read it if you’ve already read it and if you want to go for, maybe you can scan through it to see how a lot of other thoughts that I have had written on my blogs. So with that being said, before I turn this introduction into an essay, enjoy, and I hope that you find value in my incomplete rants and thoughts. If you would like to connect with me on some of the things that I’ve written or just in general, feel free to email me at [email protected] Or telegram me at